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Why switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle?

Here at EV leasing company, we’ve put together some of the top reasons for making the switch!

We’ve also gone one step further to help you make that decision by collating some of most frequently asked questions and tackling those all-important myths and misconceptions surrounding electric cars. 

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5-Star Rating and Best in Class Safety Model Y achieved a 2022 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and won the Best in Class award in the Small Off-Road category.
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Tesla Model 3

What can we say, needing no introduction is Tesla’s innovative Model 3. This car really started the electric revolution by combining functionality and fun! The Model 3 is a staple of the daily driver for electric cars who needs that executive edge.
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The popular choice for the modern family electric car. With ample space and range for family holidays and days out combined with plenty of bang for your buck, we can see why!
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Charging points

There aren’t enough places to charge an electric car?

Only short distances

Electric cars can’t take you as far as a petrol or diesel car?

Battery replacement

Electric vehicle batteries need to be replaced every 5 years?

Discover the answers to some of the most common myths surrounding electric cars..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although having a home charger can be a more convenient way to charge your vehicle, there are other options.  With the average car spending just 4% of their time driven, the most efficient way to charge your vehicle is when you are parked up!  Whether this be ‘topping up’ during a visit to the supermarket or whilst you’re at work, or ‘fully charging’ overnight using a public street charger or lamp post charger.  New public charging stations are being added all the time and you can always contact your local council or landlord to see if a charger can be installed on your street or in a communal parking area.

Charging time will depend upon the size of your battery, how much charge you currently have left and the type of charger you use.

  • Rapid Chargers (43kW to 50kW) can usually charge to 80% in around 20-30 minutes
  • Fast Chargers (7kW to 22kW) usually take a few hours to charge
  • Slow Chargers (3kW) are best for overnight charging, and these can take between 6-12 hours.


It’s also worth noting that during cold weather charging times may take a little longer.

Manufacturers have already built-in safety features and precautions to ensure you cannot overcharge your electric vehicle.

Currently there are 28,952 public charging devices across the UK (Source: https://www.zap-map.com/statistics/  21/01/2022), 5,213 of which are rapid or ultra-rapid chargers.  There are also many supermarkets with public charging installed and with additional options such as peer to peer charging (enabling you to utilise other EV drivers’ home or business charging points) there are plenty of options to charge during your journey.  The key is to plan your route and utilise those regular breaks to ‘top up’.

There are several factors that can affect range.  The use of air conditioning and/or heating and driving style can have an impact on range.  Refraining from aggressive acceleration, making good use of regenerative breaking and driving at a regular, steady speed can reduce the rate at which your battery’s charge drops.

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