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Here we aim to educate you about the world of leasing which will help you better understand your options when looking to lease an electric vehicle.

Types of Leasing Contracts

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Business Contract Hire (BCH) & Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

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what is it?

Business Contract Hire (BCH) (also referred to as Business Leasing) or Personal Contract Hire (also referred to as Personal Leasing) is where you lease the vehicle for a set period of time.   You make an initial rental then fixed monthly rentals for the remainder of the contract term.  At the end of your lease period, the vehicle is handed back to the finance company.

How does it work?

Choose your vehicle

Select your term

How long you would like to have the vehicle

Select an initial rental

Annual mileage

Tell us your expected annual mileage

Your monthly rental is then calculated taking the following into consideration:

Tax Incentives

What happens next?

Pay the initial rental

Pay your fixed monthly rentals

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines

Return your vehicle

Hand the vehicle back to the finance company

Advantages of Contract Hire

New Car
Why this option could make sense to you
Additional advantages of Business Contract Hire
What you need to be aware of with Contract Hire

Finance Lease

Finance Lease
What is it?

A Finance Lease is a form of flexible leasing to fund the use of a vehicle, it is only available to business customers, i.e., limited companies, self-employed people, and sole traders. It is ideally suited to VAT registered businesses and can be structured with or without a balloon payment.

How does it work?

Pay an advanced rental followed by a fixed number of monthly rentals over an agreed contract period

Choose to either:

Entire cost

Pay the entire cost including any interest charges monthly

Lower instalments

Pay lower monthly instalments with a final payment based on the resale value of the vehicle at the end, otherwise known as the balloon payment

At the end of the lease, dependent upon the terms and conditions set out in the agreement you can either:

Sell on

Sell the vehicle to a third party, allowing your business to benefit from any available equity if it's sold for profit

Balloon Payment

Pay the outstanding balloon payment and operate the vehicle under a 'peppercorn agreement', also known as a secondary rental agreement

Vehicle returned

If an extension is not required, the asset will be returned to the finance company, normally to be sold on

Advantages of finance lease
What you need to be aware of with Finance Lease

Leasing Vs Buying

Leasing a vehicle is often cheaper than buying a new car as it generally comes with a lower monthly payment.

Leasing is particularly good for those who like a brand new car every few years, or want to drive the latest newest vehicles for the lowest cost.

Leasing vs Buying

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